About MIRACL Trust

MIRACL Trust is a user authentication service which completely replaces the typical password-based authentication which is normally used when accessing online services, so removes your largest cyber-security risk, and streamlines your user experience to increase customer satisfaction.

Once your website/application is configured, when your users click to login they are presented with our simple PIN interface to register and authenticate themselves.

Here you will find all you need to integrate the MIRACL Trust secure login system into your own website/application and deliver the highest level of security for users logging in to your services.

How to use this documentation

To gain a full understanding of how our basic authentication works it is recommended that you read through the introductory explanations given in Get started (explains how to register and obtain keys for a new service/app in the management portal) and Integrate through OIDC (provides the generic configuration needed to set up any OIDC client library).

In How to integrate in a Mobile APP you can learn how to make a self-contained app which uses MIRACL’s MFA for login or alternatively, a custom app which can be used as a mobile PIN pad for logging into websites (as an alternative to our own MIRACL Trust authenticator app found in the app stores).